Reimagining Digital Acoustics: Project Varese

Reimagining Digital Acoustics: Project Varese

In 2021, our long-standing partner, 10log LLC, tasked us with constructing the next generation of digital acoustics platforms. 10log is building a suite of web-based technical and project management tools for the architectural acoustics & noise control consulting community.

Overcoming Unique Challenges

User-Centric Authentication

10log LLC expressed a desire for a non-cloud-based authentication solution to store user data securely in a database under our control. The challenge was to ensure user data protection while maintaining accessibility and control.

Building a Unified App Ecosystem

One of our key objectives was to facilitate seamless connectivity between Project Varese and another of our creations, the Supersonic app. We aimed to establish an ecosystem where users could access multiple platforms using a single account, thereby unifying their data across different access points.

Enabling Autodesk Support

Autodesk is ubiquitous in the architectural acoustics and civil engineering communities. Enhancing its browser-based 3D model viewer to serve the unique needs of acoustical engineers using Project Varese was a crucial element of this project.

Innovative Solutions


Leveraging our years of experience with Stripe, we swiftly implemented a reliable payment processing system, enabling secure transactions without delay.

Authentication via FusionAuth

To align with our client’s requirement for data storage and cost-effectiveness, we opted for FusionAuth. This customer authentication and authorization platform was hosted on a separate Digital Ocean Droplet, managing user sign-ups, log-ins, two-factor authentication, and OAuth between different applications within the 10log ecosystem.

Creating a Unified App Ecosystem

We introduced a custom OAuth solution to Project Varese to enhance data sharing between it and Supersonic. Users can now log into Supersonic with their accounts and interact with the data created on the web, right from the desktop application.

Integrated Autodesk Functionality

Utilizing the Autodesk Model Derivative API and Autodesk Viewer SDK, we incorporated architectural models into Project Varese. This integration allows acoustical engineers and consultants to interact with models in real-time, leaving suggestions for team members regarding data such as material type and dimensions.

Inspecting table elements and focusing them in Autodesk Viewer

Project Outcome: A Revolutionary Solution

In 2022, we successfully launched Project Varese. This comprehensive solution revolutionizes the architectural acoustics and noise control industry with a blend of technical and project management tools, including a custom-built Gantt chart for project planning and management.

Project Varese empowers users to visualize the entire project lifecycle, facilitating data import from Autodesk projects using the Model Derivative API, and displaying 3D building models within the Viewer. Our collaborative efforts have thus redefined the future of digital acoustics technology.

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