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Make your First Dollar online as a Creator

5 platforms that help you receive payments from your supporters

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Ákos Kőműves
·May 17, 2022·

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Make your First Dollar online as a Creator

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1. Buy Me a Coffee

🔗 buymeacoffee.com

Integration is as simple as embedding a button anywhere on your webpage. You can see it in action on netgames.io/games


The setup is super easy, there is no monthly fee but they take 5% of every transaction. Integrates well with Stripe and PayPal.

2. Ko-fi

🔗 ko-fi.com

It's a similar service to Buy Me a Coffee, here you can see a detailed comparison of the two rigorousthemes.com/blog/ko-fi-vs-buy-me-a-c..

Ko-fi lets you create a little portfolio on their platform that can serve as a hub for accepting payments.

Once this portfolio of yours is ready you can start sharing it everywhere and accepting donations.

3. Flattr

🔗 flattr.com

Flattr is a great way to accept sponsorships for your open source repositories. It accepts one time & monthly recurring payments

4. Liberapay

🔗 en.liberapay.com

recurring donations platform, no fees aside from payment processor fees (PayPal and Stripe)

5. Hashnode Sponsors

🔗 hashnode.com/sponsors

If you're blogging on @hashnode Hashnode Sponsors is the easiest way to get started with donations. It integrates with Stripe and you can enable it for your blog with a click:

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