Setting up a custom domain with HTTPS for Heroku apps

Setting up a custom domain with HTTPS for Heroku apps

Got a Heroku app and want to make it public with some fancy domain with HTTPS enabled?

I compiled this list to help you set up HTTPS for your next awesome project on Heroku.

I had to do this a few times last month, so this is an extended version of the guide I wrote to myself. 😬

Step 1.

Buy a domain.

Step 2.

Log in to your Heroku console:

$ heroku login
heroku: Press any key to open up the browser to login or q to exit:
Opening browser to
Logging in... done
Logged in as

Step 3.

Assign the custom domain to your Heroku app:

$ heroku domains:add -a my-heroku-app
Adding to ⬢ my-heroku-app... done
 ▸    Configure your app's DNS provider to point to the DNS Target
 ▸    For help, see

The domain has been enqueued for addition
 ▸    Run heroku domains:wait '' to wait for completion

Step 4.

Wherever you bought your domain, it should have a DNS editor where you can add a CNAME entry. The naming in your DNS editor might be different but here are the things you have to fill:

Zone name:
Fully qualified domain name: <- should be the DNS Target heroku domains:add gave you
Type: CNAME (this is usually prefilled if your DNS editor is smart enough)
TTL: 14400 (mine says 14400, that's the default)

If you're using CPanel as your DNS editor you'll see something like this:

cname editor

At this point, you should be able to navigate to and see your Heroku app. HTTPS access shouldn't work at this point.

Step 5.

Now it's time to add SSL. Check if the automated certificate management is enabled for your app:

$ heroku certs:auto -a my-heroku-app
=== Automatic Certificate Management is disabled on my-heroku-app

If it's not already enabled, you have to enable it:

$ heroku certs:auto:enable -a my-heroku-app
Enabling Automatic Certificate Management... starting. See status with heroku certs:auto or wait until active with heroku certs:auto:wait
=== Your certificate will now be managed by Heroku.  Check the status by running heroku certs:auto.

When you check the status, it should display something like this:

$ heroku certs:auto -a my-heroku-app
=== Automatic Certificate Management is enabled on my-heroku-app

Certificate details:
Common Name(s):
Expires At:     2019-12-09 07:19 UTC
Issuer:         /C=US/O=Let's Encrypt/CN=Let's Encrypt Authority X3
Starts At:      2019-09-10 07:19 UTC
Subject:        /
SSL certificate is verified by a root authority.

Domain              Status       Last Updated
──────────────────  ───────────  ──────────────────  Cert issued  less than a minute should be accessible at this point.

Hope this little guide saved you some time! If you found it useful, please share it with others. Thank you!


Cover Photo by panumas nikhomkhai from Pexels

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