Case Study: Supersonic - A Revolutionary Acoustic Tool

Case Study: Supersonic - A Revolutionary Acoustic Tool

From the outset, Innotek has been a committed partner to 10log LLC, a rising star in the acoustical industry. This budding business harbored innovative concepts for acoustic tools that had yet to materialize.

The Challenge

10log LLC tasked us with transforming a basic proof-of-concept (POC) single-page app, brimming with ideas and potential, into a full-fledged desktop application.

Synchronizing Data with Project Varese

The new application, Supersonic, needed to integrate seamlessly with 10log LLC’s existing technical and project management platform, Project Varese. This integration would allow Supersonic users to leverage their data previously created within Varese.

Maintaining Relevance: The Auto-update Feature

To ensure Supersonic remained current and cutting-edge, 10log LLC requested the inclusion of an auto-update feature in the desktop application.

Our Solution

The journey to bring Supersonic to life involved the careful orchestration of multiple phases, resulting in a versatile desktop application compatible with both Mac and Windows.

The Alpha Stage

Initially, we released the alpha version of Supersonic containing a basic feature set to a select group of users. These alpha builds were distributed through Digital Ocean Spaces and were kept updated using GitHub Actions for automated builds, package signing, and upload facilitation. Our client had the opportunity to distribute Digital Ocean’s direct file links to potential customers.

The power of the auto-update feature was first revealed here, ensuring that every user had the most current version of the alpha build.

The Beta Stage

In the beta stage, we integrated the OAuth feature, which allowed Project Varese users to sync data between the two platforms using their existing accounts. This facilitated a user-friendly login flow from the desktop application to Project Varese, offering seamless user experiences across both platforms.

Stable Release and Member-Exclusive Features

After Project Varese’s launch, we fine-tuned Supersonic by making certain features exclusively accessible to users who purchased login access through the web application. Stripe was instrumental in managing various membership plans.

The Result

Supersonic emerged as a comprehensive desktop application boasting a visual editor, hundreds of models, and instantaneous calculation and diagram feedback. More importantly, it successfully integrated with Project Varese, providing users with a unified, streamlined experience when designing solutions for architectural acoustics.

With the OAuth login, users can effortlessly link their existing Varese accounts, enhancing their capabilities by incorporating existing data within the desktop app. Supersonic is more than just a tool—it is a testament to the harmonious convergence of innovative concepts, advanced technology, and user-friendly design.

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